Wednesday, April 24, 2019

ABC Countdown!!!


Oh My Goodness how time flies!  On Thursday, we begin our ABC Countdown to the last 26 days of the school year!  Below, you will find the full list of days for our Countdown.  The students have a hard copy and we'll write in the planner each night what to bring for the next day.

As exciting as the end of the year is, it also signifies our End of the Year Assessments to check the growth of the students throughout the year.  Our STAR Test (which we took in the Fall and Winter) will be administered next week on Tuesday (Math) and Thursday (ELA).  The students all have growth cards with them so they are aware of the scores we are hoping for.  We'll also take some AVID assessments, fluency tests, spelling test, etc. to track our growth from the beginning of the year! I get soooooooo excited to see the end results!  Have a great rest of the week!

ABC Countdown
     Thurs 4/25
A= Art Day & Ask Mr. Buono Day – Ask me ALMOST anything!
     Friday 4/26
B= Beach Day & Buddy Reading Day
     Monday 4/29
C= Change Name Day, Compliments Day, & Crazy Hair Day
     Tuesday 4/30
D= Dance Party Day & Drink Day- Bring a favorite drink to school
    Wednesday 5/1
E= Extra Recess and Exercise Day 
     Thursday 5/2
F= Fancy Clothes Day and Free Time Day
     Friday 5/3
G= Green Day & Game Day- Bring a favorite board game to school
    Monday 5/6
H= Hat Day & Hero Day – Bring a picture of a real-life hero
    Tuesday 5/7
I= iProduct Day – Bring in any electronic device from home
    Wednesday 5/8
J= Jump Rope Day & Joke Day- Bring a joke to share
    Thursday 5/9
K= Kite Day & Kickball Day – We’ll play a class kickball game
    Friday 5/10
L= Lazy/Lounge & Class Lunch Day & Learn-a-Language Day
    Monday 5/13
M= Mismatch & Music Day
    Tuesday 5/14
N= Neon Day & New Seat Day
   Wednesday 5/15
O= Orange & Outside Day- We will go outside for part of a lesson
    Thursday 5/16
P= Pajama Day- Wear your PJ’s to school
    Friday 5/17
Q= Quiz Mr. Buono Day
    Monday 5/20
R= Re(a)d All Over – Wear red and get comfortable and read!
    Tuesday 5/21
S= Silly Socks, Sunglasses, & Show and Tell Day
   Wednesday 5/22
T= Favorite T-Shirt Day & Talent Show Day
    Thursday 5/23
U= Unhealthy Snack Day- Bring in any snack for the day
    Friday 5/24
V= Video Day- We will watch a video at school
    Tuesday 5/28
W= Wear White Day, Walk Day, & Would You Rather?
   Wednesday 5/29
X= X (Multiplication) Games Day
    Thursday 5/30
Y= You are Wonderful Day!- I will give out awards!
    Friday 5/31
Z= Zoom Out of Here for Summer!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

April Update


Here's some happenings around the classroom:

1. Regions of the United States:  We have been working on learning about many components of the Midwest region in class.  We've made a nifty little "portfolio" of our learning, but there's one component that needs attention at home:  Memorizing the states of each region.  We sent the study guide home last week, and the test is this Friday.  Please help them be ready :)

2. ALiCE Lockdown Discussions.  We've talked a lot about some new strategies to lockdown in the classroom should an emergency situation arise.  This is a newer initiative from district as well as supported by local law enforcement.  The students have done AMAZING in our conversations about the book "I'm Not Scared, I'm Prepared!" as well as discussing the practicality of barricading, evacuating, and countering should the need arise.

3. Genius Hour.  We've had about 5 students present their Genius Hours already, and they went really well.  The rest of the students will be signing up tomorrow for a date to present to the class.  They will be able to sign up for a slot between the dates of April 15th-May 3rd.  Please ask where they are with gathering information to assure they are prepared for the date they sign up for.

4. Daddy/Daughter Dance.  According to the sign out front, the dance is on April 26th, but I have not been given any further information about it.  Please continue to watch for information coming electronically from Peach Jar. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Book Fair and "Office Hours"


Tonight, the school Book Fair will be opened until at least 7:00.  As indicated on a previous note, I will be in the building until 6:00.  Originally, I hoped to be here until 7:00, but that is no longer possible.  If you want to stop in and say hi or touch base about anything, feel free to drop in before 6:00.  However, unless I let you know previously, I have no new concerns pertaining to your child.  Have a great night...and I'm still working on rescheduling our Class Night Out to Luigi's for sometime in April.  Enjoy your Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Golf Night CANCELLED!!!


Unfortunately, I received an email at 1:45 AM this morning stating that Planet Fun will be unable to host our golf night tonight due to foreclosure issues 😒.  I am really upset as it is normally the night I most look forward to during the school year!  I will try to figure out some other event we can participate in later in the year at a different location.  I am so sorry to those of you who adjusted plans to make this night possible, only for it to not work out :(

Monday, March 4, 2019

Classroom Updates


Here's a few updates for everyone on this very brisk Monday (That Groundhog is such a fraud!):

1)  GOLF NIGHT IS TOMORROW (TUESDAY) AT 5:30.  Please look for the note I am sending home today for more details.  Even if you didn't sign up, you are still welcome to come!!!

2)  Also coming home tonight there is a note concerning Spring "conferences."  Those of you receiving notes that say I am not requesting a conference, you're all set.  If you do get a note that says we need a conference, I'll be contacting you shortly to set up a time.

3)  Book Orders.  The new book orders are coming home today and will be due March 14th in hopes of getting the books delivered before Spring Break. 

4)  IAR/PARCC Tests.  The state-wide tests start next week.  We test Math the 11th-15th and Reading the 18th-22nd.  The tests will be on Chromebooks for the 1st time, so we'll just hope it all goes smoothly :). 

5)  Please keep encouraging positive work habits at home such as practicing multiplication facts, reading a book, and working on MobyMax. 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Upcoming Events


Here's a quick update with some upcoming events:

1. 3rd Grade BREAKFAST BUDDIES:  On Wednesday, the 27th, the students and 1 adult are invited to come in for a "Breakfast Buddies" time.  For more details (and to sign up) click here:

2.  GOLF NIGHT:  In the students' folders from last night, you should have found a Planet Fun Golf Night form.  This is my favorite night of the year where we can all get together for some fun!  If you think you could make it, please fill out that form and send it back ASAP.

3. GENIUS HOUR:  If your child has not yet talked to you about their passion project, please bring it up with them and check in with their plan to get it moving :).  Most students have a great grasp on what they are doing and have a clear vision of how to accomplish it. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

GENIUS HOUR!!! (and Snowcation)


Hope your all staying warm inside these few days!  ***If you snap a picture of your child cuddled up reading a book and email it to me (, they can earn a ticket when we return on Friday!!!

I thought I'd jump on and share an idea for discussion with your child on their days off (in addition to them going on MobyMax and practicing multiplication facts)! 


Last week (on Friday) we introduced a "passion project" that I've done for the last few years.  It is NOT a home project!  No, seriously.  However, it may be a good idea to converse with your child and check in every-so-often with how they are progressing.  So what is the Genius Hour?  It's almost indescribable, but I'll do my best.  The purpose is to allow the students to select ANY topic that interests them - but it's more like an "I wonder..." question that launches them into a topic.  It can be ANYTHING that is researchable.  They will then CREATE something (ANYTHING) and present it in front of the class.  I really don't want it to be just a posterboard or powerpoint, although that could work.  Rather, I'd love the kids to build or create something.  In past years, many students have done something electronically and brought in the device to project their final product (how to code, created an app, made their own DIY video).

Once we really start diving in (once some research is done), the students can bring any and all supplies they need to school to work on it.  Anyway, it's just an awesome opportunity to allow students to maximize their creativity and work on something that interests them individually.  Here's a couple videos that explains the project way better than I can :) :

Feel free to explore online for ideas. Please just start to have that conversation at home to guide your child to finding something that truly captivates them.  There is no due date for this project. Once a student is fully researched, project completed, and ready to present, they can!  Then, they can start their next Genius idea!  Can't wait to see what we create this year!